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The Steve Mason Family
The Schiewetz Foundation

$10,000 to 50,000

Connie Campbell
Community Foundation for
Kettering Fund
Dor-Wood Optimist Club
Dave and Charlene Dutton
Neil and Willa Jean Smalley
The Fred and Alice Wallace
Charitable Memorial Foundation

$3,000 to 3,999
Reynolds and Reynolds Associate Foundation

$2,000 to $2,999

Jerry and Deb Barnett
David and Susan Bodary

$1,000 to $1,999

In memory of Mary M. Albaugh
Betty Burnett
Mike and Mary Eckley
Ron and Melinda Eubel Family Fund
Dave and Carol Fechter
John and Pat Fisher
Donna Gau-Jata
Linda Hadley
David Hammond
Becky and Boyd Harrold
Bruce and Sue Howorth
Mark and Amy Kollar Anderson
Charles Mayer
James L. and Joan W. McCoy
James S. Morgan
Rick and Lynn Morrison
Rosie Padlo
Jim and Joanie Place
Paula and Doug Saintignon
Al and Jan Schoolcraft
Larry Virgilio
Robin and Karen Wing
Kathy and John Zaidain

$500 to $999

Daniel Acuff
Anonymous in honor of Marilou
Smith, retired Kettering Mayor
Dennis and Cheryl Burton
Gregory and Kathleen Cleary
Richard and Brynne Dailey
Stu Holzer
Scott and Teri Inskeep
Bill and Julie Lautar
Jim and Diane Leakas
Brenda and John Lewelling
Morland Family Fund
Daryl Ann Nels
Marty Nicora
The Oberlag Family Charitable Fund in honor of Chris Harlow
Constance OBrien
Jim and Mary Beth O’Dell
Tee Pazitney
Don and Shari Rethman
Barbra Stonerock and Bear Monita
Ron and Debby Tobias

$10 to $499

Laura Arber
Archers Tavern Kettering LLC
Brian S. Atkinson
Bauser Family Fund
Barbara Blauman
Jack and Sue Ellen Boesch
Wendy Boettger
Jeffrey R. Bond
Charlie Borger
Mary Ann Boyer
Sue Brindle and Lee Dunham
Craig and Brenda Browne
Calvert and Nancy Busch
Gerald and Dorothy Busch
John Caniglia
Thomas and Suzanne Columbus
Ro and Connie Cordero
Anne and Chris Cowan
Betty Crouse
Jean Daugherty
Judith and Joseph Deady
Harry Drain
Peg Earley
Michael Elliott
Jean Erskine

Fairmont West Class of 1966
Paul and Jennifer Fiden
Michael and Gail Fink
John and Suzanne Finke
Marsha Flannery
Thomas Foster
Linda George-Wendling
Arnie Gerren
Julie Gilmore
Bobbie Gorman
Thomas and Dr. Sharon Gratto
Mike and Bona Griffith
Bob Hammer
Michael and Patricia Higgins
Roy Hodgkinson
Jeanne Hohl
Lynda Hohnhorst
Jodie Hollander
Gayle Ingram
Kettering Employees Activities
Tony and Joan Klepacz
Dave and Erika Krites
Buck Lackey
Robert Leonard
Peggy Lehner
Elaine Long
Kathy Mackin
Ken and Darrell May
The Dr. Michael L. and M. Christina
Manchester Fund
Gary Mangan
Charles L. Mara in memory
of Mary M. Albaugh
Shayna McConville
Robert and Judith McCoy
Matt McDowell
Thomas Nelson Moe
Michael E. Morton
Fae Ochs
Dianne Olix
Nancy Pacenta
Don Patterson
Philippe Prevoteau
Robert and Marilyn Portune
Joseph Reich
Katie Ruef
Tim and Mary Riordan
Charles and Jane Rodgers in
memory of Lillian Marco
Rolling Hills Garden Club
Louis and Deborah Schirack
Teri and Dale Schnarr
Frank and Nancy Spolrich
Rob Spokane
Donna Stafford
Bill Stocker
Debbie Stricker
Ron and Jayne Testa
Nolan and Megan L. Thomas
Eric and Sara Thompson
Mary Kay Walblay
Nick Warring
Thomas Weghorst
Betsy B. Whitney Fund
Wild Birds Unlimited of Kettering
Jerry Willen
Karen Williams
Keiko Williams
Libbie Worley in memory
of Lillian Marco
James and Frances Young